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We focus primarily on large industrial and commercial projects although we have carried out numerous residential projects for our customers due to our reputation and quality.We are present throughout the entire engineering life-cycle from architectural and engineering design, project management, civil works, infrastructure, steelworks, electromechanical, and finishing. Sequence understands the complexities and demands of today’s projects. We have invested heavily to ensure Our experienced teams are up-to-date in the latest project management and technical our strong relationship with our suppliers and subcontractors gives us the agility and responsiveness to mobilize, scale and deliver on all types of projects within the timescales demanded.Our equipment and tools are of the highest quality, and fit-for-purpose. Our construction services are supported by our manufacturing facilities through the supply of various steel structures (beams, columns, fencing, handrails, etc) and roof and wall cladding materials (corrugations and sandwich panels).

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