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 The construction sector in Egypt was impacted by Covid-19 besides other challenges construction companies faced.

Egyptian construction company like Sequence, Orascom, and Hassan Allam faced various challenges due to Covid-19, economic challenges, or material costs, and it has been hard for them to keep their projects done.

Therefore, since 2016 almost 1,989 contracting companies out of 30,000 companies bankrupt, according to Invest Gate magazine.

And Business Wire report said that the construction industry in Egypt is expected to record a CAGR of 9.9% to reach EGP 535.1 billion by 2024.

But other companies hit their road hard and earn their success. Sequence is one of the companies that find its way into the construction industry in Egypt.

Sequence Company deals in construction for over 20 years now, so it earns its reputation among old sharks in the Egyptian market.

Solving every obstacle, creating new angles and seeking clients trust are Sequence guidelines as it deals with the luxurious and big scale projects.
In the next lines, I’ll show Sequence’s specializations…

Some of the company projects:
  • LG administration building (Brand shop)
  • Finishing the administrative headquarters for Rani company
  • C.D administration building
  • PET factory

Glance of best interior design

  • Prince Sultan Civilization Center
  • FGCC Chambers
  • Granta Compound
  • Al-kharrarah Park

How did Sequence succeed?

Since 2006, Sequence has been working so hard in the design industry and specialized in:

- Interior design
- Exterior design
- Landscape
- 3D designs

Then expanding its effort in construction in Buildings includes Commercial and administration and Residential, as well as our projects in the industrial sector – Infrastructure.
However the 20 years journey, Sequence managers succeed in turning every project into a remarkable building with luxury design.

The pro tip from Sequence journey is that keep your eyes open to every tiny detail, so you control your project.

Studying Sequence’s journey leaves us with, although the hardness of the industry, startup companies still can make their way. And whatever your company’s size, you as an engineer need to continue learning and develop your skills.

Are you looking for a Construction Company?
Need a professional interior designer?

Sequence Company can handle any project through strategic planning, creative solutions, providing suitable materials, and keeping everything under the budget.
You don’t have to look for companies names, contact us and let us start work immediately

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